Issue 4

Aaron Clark_Amanda Woerman

Amanda's Story

After a long-standing herniated disc became unmanageable, scientist Amanda Woerman, PhD, turned to the UCSF Spine Center for minimally invasive surgery. Four months later she completed her first IRONMAN and today is pain free for the first time in over six years.


Physical medicine and rehab for spine

Physical medicine and rehabilitation: Managing spinal problems with conservative care

UCSF’s Non-operative Spine Program applies a multidisciplinary approach to restoring functionality for patients. Each patient receives a personalized program that combines pain medication, a tailored exercise regimen and, if needed, cognitive behavior therapy and injections.



Patricia Zheng, MD


New Faculty: Patricia Zheng, MD

Dr. Patricia Zheng is a board-certified specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation focused on providing non-operative care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. She specializes in diagnostic and non-surgical procedures for patients with chronic back, neck, and joint pain.


Reviews of the UCSF Spine Symposium

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